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Contractors & Builders

We have established strong collaborative partnerships with builders and contractors, fostering effective teamwork and seamless coordination throughout the construction process. Our coordination ensures a smooth process from start to finish when building custom closets. 

Built to last

As a builder or a contractor, we know your goal is to build a project that will last your client a lifetime. We embody that goal here at Cleveland Closets by specializing in crafting closets that are designed to stand the test of time, ensuring their durability and longevity. Our designers are here to help you give your homeowners a closet they will love.

No-Hassle Custom Closet Design


As a builder or contractor, you know every client is different, our custom closets have options for every lifestyle so that you can have a variety of offerings to please every homeowner. 

We know you pride yourselves on a beautifully finished project that adds to the home value. Incorporating our high-quality custom closets into the homes can significantly enhance the overall value and appeal of the properties, and thoughtfully designed storage spaces contribute to the functionality and aesthetics of the living spaces.

Offering custom closet solutions sets will help set you apart from your competitors, by showcasing a commitment to providing comprehensive and customized home solutions.

Now, we know designing closets can take time. That's why our team brings extensive expertise into the design space so that you can rely on us to create functional and visually appealing storage solutions that complement the overall home design. 

By collaborating with us, we can establish a long-term partnership that extends beyond a single project. Our commitment to quality and excellence ensures that you can rely on us for consistent and exceptional custom closet solutions.

Closet Design

We understand that projects take time and money to come together. Working with our designers keeps your project on time and on budget with our hassle-free design consultation process. 

Never worry about running late on a project again! Our quick-ship options let products arrive in just a few weeks so that we can make your deadlines even on a time-crunch.

Why Cleveland Closets?

White Background
White closet with Mirrors
Light Stained wood closet inside an office
Desk inside small closet with shelving
White and blue closet with accessory options
White closet with hanging space and shoe rack
Valet rod with pink dress

Partner With Us

We hope to see you in our showroom soon! Partner with us for an exceptional custom closet experience! 

"Hands down one of the best experiences with a contractor in Cleveland we’ve had. Highly recommend you talk to them first. From design to install they were on it!"

The Wooden Palate




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