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Orangization for every closet connoisseur.

Closet with white and pink clothes hanging

Designed With You In Mind

Custom closets are about more than just shelving and drawers in a space to hold your items. It's about finding that perfect blend between style and function for your every need. At Cleveland Closets we make finding that sweet spot our priority; not only do we offer fabulous closet designs but we strive to give all of our clients the best accessories to go with it!


At Cleveland Closets we strive to use our accessory offerings to maximize the full potential of your custom closet area. With inserts built for small accessories, handbags, shoes, ties, and more - you'll never lose time trying to find that matching pair or untangle a mess of chains ever again.   We make sure that your closet gains that extra added layer of organization and function!


We promise that you'll fall in love with your new space every time you use it. 

These are just a few of our amazing accessory options! Many of which can be used in spaces outside the wardrobe area. 
Check out some of our favorite places to use these accessories below!

Don't have a walk-in closet? No Problem!

We've got you covered with options that work for your reach-in closet!

Light Salted Oak closet with clothes hanging




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