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10 Clever Ideas for Custom Closets That Will Revolutionize Your Storage

Storage options and accessories for every custom closet!

White and Blue closet with wood floors and gold chandelier

Custom closets are a dream come true for anyone who want to optimize their storage space and keep their home organized! Say goodbye to clutter and Hello to a functional, stylish, and personalized custom closet that perfectly suits your needs.

We have 10 ideas for your new custom closet that will transform your storage experience!

1 - Maximize Vertical Space

Once of the key advantages of custom closets is the ability to utilize vertical space efficiently. Gone are the days of unusable vertical space in your closet. Install floor-to-ceiling shelves or cabinets to make the most of every inch! Consider adding pull-out drawers or baskets within your shelving to keep smaller items tidy and accessible.

2 - Built-in Shoe Rack

Bid farewell to the jumble of shoes at the bottom of your closet! A custom-built shoe rack will keep your footwear organized and displayed beautifully. Choose from various sizes of tilted shelves or pull-out drawers to fit your closet's style and your shoe collection's size.

3 - Adjustable Shelves and Rods

Flexibility is vital in custom closets. By incorporating adjustable shelves and rods, you can easily adapt the closet to your changing needs! You can change your closet to house different clothing lengths, store bulky items, and small accessories. Gone are the days of trying to find more space or adjust your clothing to fit your space; now you can adjust your closet system to give you the most functionality and storage room!

4 - Hidden Jewelry Organizer

Keep your accessories safe and tangle-free with a concealed jewelry organizer! Whether you choose a hidden pull-out tray, necklace hanging racks or a hidden cabinet compartment with spaces for necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets and watches - trust us you'll never want to go back to normal storage!

5 - Customized Lighting

Don't let poor lighting obscure your closet's functionality and style! Incorporating custom lighting options such as LED strips, motion-sensor lights or even a chic chandelier to add a touch of glamour to your space. Lighting will make choosing that perfect outfit a breeze, especially during those early mornings before you've had your coffee.

6 - Pullout Accessory Racks

Custom closets are all about streamlining your morning routine. Integrate a pull-out accessory rack for ties, belts, scarves, or hats! These accessories ensure that your staple items are never lost and always within reach.

7 - Display Shelves for Handbags

If you're a handbag enthusiast, showcase your collection with pride! Installing stylish display shelves within your custom closet will keep your favorite purses and handbags organized and safe from damage. Plus, who doesn't love a touch of boutique elegance in their custom closet.

8 - Ironing Station

Make ironing a hassle-free task by Incorporating an ironing station in your custom closet. A fold-out ironing board and a designated storage space for other pressing tools with save you time and keep everything accessible when you're in a rush.

9 - Mirrors and Dressing Area

Create a dedicated space within your custom closet to get ready in style! Installing full-length mirrors and a small dressing area with a comfortable stool or bench creates the perfect getting-ready space. You can try on new outfits in private to get your look just perfect for a night on the town or perfect your go-to daily style.

10 - Custom Closet Personal Touches

Custom closets are all about personalization. Add unique touches like decorative wallpaper, inspirational quotes, or a favorite color scheme to infuse your personality into the space. Personal touches are a sure way to make your closet your new favorite room!

Revolutionizing Closets Everywhere

Cleveland Closets offers customizations that revolutionize the way you store and access your belongings. With clever design ideas and personalized touches, we help you transform your closet into a beautiful and efficient space. Say goodbye to clutter and disorganization and embrace a new custom closet that fits your lifestyle and preferences perfectly. Trust us - this is an investment that you'll enjoy each and every day!

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